The "Château d'IF"

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Departure from "Vieux-Port", Marseille

A historical and cultural tour to discover Marseille differently.
You can onboard in the Vieux-Port in Marseille for a boat ride around the If Island for 45 minutes.
Once you have crossed the Vieux-Port, you can make a stopover on the island to visit the castle erected by François I.
This fortress will give the opportunity to walk in the steps of the famous Monte-Cristo Count, a 45 minutes’ back-to-the-past experience.
But above all, enjoy the historical comments in the kindly eye of the “Good Mother” ( the Bonne - Mère)

illustration chateau

Departure from Vieux-Port :
All the Days

All hours to  10h15 at 16h15
* 08/10/18 to 04/11/18 - Close Monday
All hours to  10h15 à 17h15
 *31/03/18 to 07/10/18 - Close the 01 may 

Return at Château d'If :
All the Days

All hours to 11h45 à 17h00
* 08/10/1 to 04/11/18 - Close Monday
All hours to 11h45 à 18h00
*31/03/18 to 07/10/18

Price :
10 €*

*price not including the entrances to the castle. Consult

Map :

Chateau d'IF

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